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Author Topic: New owner checklist!  (Read 25695 times)
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Before taking delivery from dealer:

1. Check front brake caliper bolts have been torqued.

2. Check front axle pinch bolts.

3. Check steering bearing nut (top of triple clamp tight).

4. Check Rear fender bolts (behind mufflers) are tight. Newer models seem to have Loctite applied to these.

5. Check to make sure the radiator fan spins freely. Some report that there's a small plastic protusion the hits the fan and makes noise or even keeps it from spinning.

6. Check that the front wheel/tire is assembled correctly. The arrow on the tire and rim should point in the same direction as the forward rotation of the tire.

7. Check that the warm idle RPM is around 1200 (1300 on 650).

8. Check the air pressure of the tires. The correct values are written on the bike.

9. Check the chain tension.

10. Check for proper oil level. (Should be around the top line on site glass).

11. Check for proper Throttle Cable adjustment.

After taking delivery (after a few miles):

1. Use regular grade fuel.  

2. Expect some vibration until 2K + miles when the engine starts getting "run in" and smoothes out. Don't worry, be happy.

3. Remove rear fender bolts and use blue Loctite, replace and tighten. Newer models have loctite already.

4. Remove the mounting stud (going into frame, #31 below) holding the shift lever and reinstall using blue loctite. Newer models may have loctite already.

5. Check all the little allen head bolts holding the plastic on.

6. Check the two bolts that hold the front subframe to the main frame. If no loctite, apply some blue.

7. Watch the coolant level in the resevoir. You might find a small weeping leak from the "weep hole" on the right side where the two black hoses enter and exit. Look on the bottom of the casing. A slight weeping of coolant can happen and is normal and should quit by 1K miles.  Also check the tightness of the hose clamps (don't over tighten!).

8. Don't forget to lube your chain at least once before first service. This is a religious argument (what to use, how often, etc) so just pick a good lube, clean the chain with kerosene, then lube.

9. Check the phillips head screw that holds the plastic "guard" that the rear brake hydraulic line goes through. Located on the forward part of the right swingarm. Also, if you follow the rear brake line toward the caliper, there is a little, white plastic clip that has a phillips head screw, check this one as well.

10. Check the two screws that attach the chain guard. I'd use blue thread-lock on these.

11. After the first couple thousand miles, perform a throttle body sync.

12. Apply a light coat of dialectic grease to the terminals for the connector(s) in the left fairing pocket & the four connectors mounted to the radiator cowl early in the bikes life.

13. Check the rear subframe to mainframe mounting bolts (4) periodically. At every oil change would be good, especially if traveling rough roads.

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