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My goal for this riding season was to replace the original silencer and location to give it a bit more personality to the sound and place the canister in a more logical location for my soft bags etc.  

I chose oval because I have many parts I can "borrow" from other projects and mostly becuase it tucks in very nicely.  Nothing hanging out to hook onto branches etc.  The lower mount now keeps the bulge and possible heat from interfering with my soft saddle bags too.  The hanging brackets you see here are temporary.

I have also reconfigured the stock silencer to fit in this new lowered mounting position.  I will use the stock can when I need spark arresting and when full stealth/quiet mode is needed :evil:  

I am now in the process of filling the vacancy left by the original silencer. In its place will be narrow profile aluminum storage tube.  Extra storage is always a good thing.  This will easily hold rain gear and/or bottled water etc.  Eventually I will be making an extra fuel cell to fit inside this compartment if extra fuel range is ever needed, such as a trip to AK :P  Prolly enough for 1.5 to 2 gallons.

Any thoughts, good or bad?  I'm all ears.

Well I would say that it DOES have personal design and is almost unique.
Anyway I would always lean towards a dual exhaust system - the single exhaust is the biggest fauxpas from Suzuki regarding the 650.

Just my 2 Cents.

Kind regards!

You are really good.

While I was getting my exhaust undressed and the luggage racks trimmed for slimming overall width  down, actually I was thinking, if my money would not be better invested in lowering the exhausts similar to what you did. My aim was getting the V-Strom-Express with cases on a bit slimmer. I am not any more such a big fan of the high up exhausts, since there is no really matching luggage in the market.

What you did is the way to go. I understand not 100% finished, but I roughly can figure the rest. I am not sure about the oval shape you choose, prefer something a bit rounder. Nevertheless, that's a well done job. I am sure you will enjoy it. BTW. Where is the can from? Did you make it?

Thanks for the interesting pictures and info - and keep us updated about the further refinements.

Would the exhaust systems from the SV's fit the Strom, only in the lowered position?  Seems that all you'd need to do then was knock up some mounting bracketry.

Just a thought.


Still wondering if a complete SV650 exhaust would fit on the DL650.


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