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Road Grinder:
We have been testing the touring version of the laminar screen on our bike for the last month. From the very first ride I could not believe the difference. The wind noise is dramatically reduced, I often no longer wear my ear plugs on shorter trips.
Helmet buffeting and sunglasses flying off my face are now a thing of the past. We were on the highway doing around 130km/h without a problem. It's like we slice through the wind now and not constantly pushing against it. My husband also says handling is better when riding in strong gusty side winds. I would have to say that it is the best $120 spent on our bike yet. If we wear the thing out, we'll be getting another. Maybe by then Suzuki will have a better windscreen available... I'm looking forward to a lot more highway riding this summer.

Mrs. Road Grinder

Well, I'm certainly glad to hear this. Did you mount it to the stock windscreen?

I'm studying all I can about the windshield issue before I buy.

I am sure that Andy at Laminar will be very happy to hear about your happiness with his Lip! ;D

Strum Thomper:
I don't know which Laminar lip I bought for my 1000 back in '07, as far as I recall there was only one available for a DL1000.  I attached it to the stock windscreen which I have mounted at the highest position due to the fact that I'm 6'3".

My experience is as follows:
- If I'm riding freeway speeds and no vehicles are ahead of me for at least 100 yards and I'm on a divided highway or there is no oncoming traffic, the wind protection is perfect.

- If I'm riding freeway speeds in the midst of even light traffic, my head jiggles, bobbles and otherwise vibrates a bit. The heavier the traffic and higher the speeds, the worse it gets to the point that vision becomes slightly blurred. Ride several hundred miles in a day, most of which fall into this category, and I spend the next few hours afterward feeling like I've got a hive of stingless bees buzzing around in my head.

- Mechanically speaking, I've found that the Laminar lip compresses under wind pressure until it contacts the very center point of the top edge of the stock windscreen at speeds as low as 45 or 50 mph which has to have a negative effect on the functionality as it effectively pinches the slip stream into two separate skinnier slip streams. 
I've tried wedging small objects in at this contact point to at least maintain an even gap across the width of the windscreen, but they tend to fall out. Quite honestly, I haven't put too much effort into figuring out a fix for this. Meanwhile, the stock windscreen is slowly but surely wearing a horizontal notch into the laminar lip.

What's the upshot of this? Well, not much I guess, but if I had any design input with the folks at Laminar Lip, I'd have them decrease the radius of the arc (looking down from the top) to make a more pronounced curve. This way, under increased wind resistance it might actually be parallel to the bend of the stock windscreen and provide better flow, possibly eliminating 'hive head'.

To keep the Lip from being bent in by wind pressure just put more bow in the Lip before securing it to the stock windshield with the 3M connectors. The Lip on my bike has about 2 inches of space between the inner surface of the Lip and the stock windshield at the top of the Lip. I have never seen the Lip bend in toward the stock windshield at any speed between 0 and 100MPH. Also the larger space between the Lip and the stock windshield redirects a lot of air upward. The Lip is very pliable so decreasing the radius of the screen is very easy. Just put the fasteners where the you want the radius of the Lip to be. :hello:


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