JC Whitney Top Case on DL1000?

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Hey gang.  I just bought myself a lovely used DL1000K5.  I immediately ordered the JC Whitney top case, but the previous owner warned me that there might not be enough room under the rear rack to mount the plate.  

Has anyone found a good, reasonable solution to this problem?

Sorry in advance if this was already answered, but I couldn't find it using the search function.


Welcome to the board.
You can fit the topcase but you have to modify the mounting plate.
I did the same thing back in April, it didn't take me long at all, I just used a drill and some hand tools.
There are several threads on this.

Here's probably the best link, a member detailed how he mounted his, with pics:


Here are two more threads that may help:



Good luck and enjoy the bike.

I bought the JC Whitney case easily mounted it with some relatively simple modifications.

First, I bought two bolts for the rear rack that were one inch longer than the stock ones.

Then I drilled two holes in the mounting plate where the bolts would go through.

The bolts screwed right into the stock holes, which are in the sub-frame.

That's it!  Two bolts and it's as solid as a rock.  All I needed were longer bolts, washers, a drill, and a hammer.


Saw the posts and ordered the Large JC Whitnet case.  It was back ordered and since I have 0 patience, I canceled and ordered the medium.  The post to install worked great.  Loved the case, but wanted just a bit more room.  6 weeks later I buy the large.  Universal mounting plate, so I figure, detach medium, pop on large.  No dice.  The universal plate has wider mounts for the large trunk. Another install.  Medium case now on Detroit Craigslist.

A word of warning about the JCW top case. I had one on my Vee and it is now on my KLR650. Every double cut key that I have that will fit in the JCW top case key slot (Givi key, KLR650 ignition key and my DL1000 ignition key....amongst others)...will open the JCW top box. Not very secure.


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