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Author Topic: Carbolex versus Cordura  (Read 7508 times)
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« on: 08/21/08 0315 Hours »
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Just trying to figure out all the hype on materials.......

If anyone has any information on how Carbolex compares to Cordura and to the stuff that Joe Rocket uses. etc.  I saw the information on Motoport's site concerning some materials versus the Kevlar that they use but would love to get a feeling for how good the other stuff out there is.

Thanks for the help.

08/19/06 0556 Hours
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DL 1000 K6
Brisbane, Australia.
« REPLY #1 on: 08/26/08 1509 Hours »
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The BMW guys think the Motoport stuff is right up there with the branded BM gear.
It's supposedly more comfortable than Aerostich and Olympia. (Just repeating their comments here, no personal experience.)
You will need two jackets, despite what the manufacturers tell you. One mesh for the warmer months, and one close-weave cordura (warmer and water resistant) for winter. Textile technology has advanced so much in recent times that some riders question whether leather is really necessary-- but that's what they race with, so...??
In any case, you need something NOW. Don't be riding in your old windbreaker while you're messing about deciding. You've obviously done some research and seen what others on the forum have had to say. Make a decision, buy the best your budget allows, and get some protection happening pronto! And don't skimp on gloves quality either.

06/27/07 2301 Hours
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« REPLY #2 on: 08/27/08 2341 Hours »
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+1 one Olympia stuff. I have a jacket, pants and gloves that are great.

Different manufacturers have different names for their own brand of skid protection material. Motoport would like everyone to believe their gear is the only thing you should wear. They do make good gear. But it's terribly expensive. Cordura has been around for a while and it's protective properties are well known. I decided to stick with a known quantity. I bought the Olympia gear made from Cordura. The Olympia gear also has CE approved armor...including the back.

You can come pretty close to a 4 season jacket. My Bushwacker does a pretty good job in the cold. With a heated liner underneath, it's very comfy to ride down to about 40.

Bstrom Patterson
« REPLY #3 on: 08/28/08 0039 Hours »
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I've tried to get details on that material and others - the makers are not too willing to spell out what's what. In general, they are higher performance nylon weaves that offer higher abrasion protection, so check the denier thread count as a comparison.  Armor is equally important, so check for CE vs. other types, leather reinforcement, etc. for the best value.

I've gone with Cortech's GX Sport and GX Air Mesh jackets - like them both very much for fit, finish and price.
« REPLY #4 on: 08/28/08 0225 Hours »
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Thanks for the replies.  What had me a little worried is the seemingly larger concern within the US for marketing than for actual safety of the equipment.  The European standards seem to be more stringent and more emphasis is placed on safety. For instance, the German motorcycle standards supposedly being the best.

I like the Olympia stuff so I think that I'll order something soon.  Tourmaster and Cortech seem also to be of good quality with respect to Denier rating and armor.

Just so annoying that there's more concern seemingly in anything other than safety first.

06/25/08 2335 Hours
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Vancouver, Canada
« REPLY #5 on: 10/03/08 2206 Hours »
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Fieldsheer has some information regarding Carbolex on their web site:


The describe it as a high performance polyester that has 90% the abrasion resistance of leather. They state that they submitted the fabric for independent testing under standardized measurements, and have a graph showing mean cycles to failure.

There are a LOT of synthetic textiles out there. Some people claim polyester is inferior, without recognizing that there are many different types of polyester fabrics. Given what they state on their tech data page above, and the fact they are still in business and have not been sued into the ground should suggest their gear is sound.
07/11/11 0408 Hours
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« REPLY #6 on: 02/23/12 1849 Hours »
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Update to Fieldsheer link above.  Seems to be the Final Word.

I still can't help thinking that Carbolex is just a cheaper alternative to Cordura.  I loves me some 1600D Cordura!

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