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Author Topic: TFI & Upgrades  (Read 1653 times)
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« on: 09/11/08 0643 Hours »
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A friend of mine had Holeshot Performance Products (Dale Walker) DynoTune his 650 after new exhaust and a TFI Tuning Box were installed on his bike. He was extremely pleased with the results. Checking Holeshot on the web I discovered that he had also dialed in a K6 DL1000 using the TFI, new exhaust, new countershaft sprocket and then Dyno Tuned the bike. The results are on their web page, www.holeshot.com. After a phone call to Dale I was sold on taking my K6 DL1000 to have the upgrades installed.

I purchased the TFI, a 16 tooth countershaft sprocket and then began arrangements to have the bike worked on. Cycle Imports of Santa Cruz is Dale's recommended shop. In addition to the TFI and countershaft sprocket, I also head them install new brake pads, had the throttles synched, valves adusted and new braided stainless brake and clutch lines installed as well. The bike is ready to roll over 31K miles so it was due.

The ride back to Petaluma CA today was a dream. The torque and power through the gears is much improved...smoother and more constant across the board. The new stainless lines not only look good they provide a much firmer feel to the brakes and clutch. I'm looking forward to taking the bike back on the dirt to see the difference in torque while riding in the lower gears.

Dale was easy to talk to on the phone and obviously a subject matter expert. Richard and Joel at Cycle Imports were helpful on the phone and also new their stuff. When I dropped the bike off they were easy to talk with and willing to address any concerns I had. When I returned to retrieve the bike all my additional questions were answered as well. Plus the bike was completed when they said it would be.

I am pleased with the work done on the bike and although it's still a bit too early to tell, I think it was money well spent and worth the 120 mile drive from the North Bay to get the work done. T  

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« REPLY #1 on: 09/12/08 1239 Hours »
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Have you seen any effect on mileage?

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« REPLY #2 on: 09/14/08 0555 Hours »
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Initial return trip yielded 39mpg. I was getting the feel of the torque and playing than I normally do. This current tank should yield a truer mileage. I must admit...I do like the torque provided by the 16 tooth countershaft sprocket. T

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« REPLY #3 on: 05/26/09 0322 Hours »
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I would be curious to know if anyone with the Wee has tried Dales exhaust and tweaking and what kind of results they got from both a performance standpoint and fuel economy. One of the things that sold me on the bike was its fuel efficiency and I sure would not want to lose that.


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