NGK Iridium CR8EIX Gap setting?

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Hello all.  2005 DL1000. 12500 miles.

Just replace my stock plugs (denso) with the NGK CR8EIX iridium plugs.  The Denso's that I took out were dual tipped, and the shop manual gap shows a dual tip plug.

I found a number of recommendations for the EIX plugs on the forum, but didn't come across any gap recommendations.  Does everyone leave them at the default gap? .032" (.81mm) if I recall correctly.

The manual spec for the stock plugs was smaller than the gap that the CR8EIX comes with, but I was unsure if a dual tip gap spec carried over to a single tip plug.

I think the manual spec is 0.6-0.7mm (.024"-.028")  I checked both of the the new plugs - one was right on the NGK .032" spec, the other was a but under. I opened the tighter one up to match the NGK default spec, and put them in.

The bike seems to run well (replaced air filter with new OEM at the same time)

Any recommendations on the gap?  Am I good to leave them at .032"?  Or should I tighten up the gap to the stock spec.  If I should tighten the gap, is it something I should do right away, or at the next plug change?


Yep, leave as is. If you try to adjust uraniums you'll probably break them.

johnofchar wrote: If you try to adjust uraniums you'll probably break them.

That's what I was afraid of!


According to NGK they should be adjusted to 0.7mm for our Stroms, they come unadjusted.
Quite simple to adjust them, careful tap against wood table and gauge blade to check distance.
(Or use plug adjustment tool).
Admit the smal electrode look (and probably are) fragile, but if you are careful there is no problem.

Leave them alone, the only bad thing being too open will be corrected when the piston crown smacks them ;)

With that sharp point the electric field strength is MUCH higher than standard plugs and the wider the gap the better the odds are that you'll fire the mixture.

Well worth the $, at least 5% better millage and the bike always runs sweetly rather than having the odd "off day".
If you ride off road - the guarantee that the bike WILL pull from 2000rpm and drag the bar end out of the dirt is well worth the cost difference.



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